Hit the road now, lone traveler.
The dust has long settled
and you must be fast and take now
what the sky offers you.
The sun misses your facesojourner
and your whistles and hums
that keeps breaking the silence
of the day and cutting across
the wind and the still
awakened hills.

You still have your shadow
and the leaning lean grass
that wave and flank your course.
The rocks that glaze your path;
all await your stories;
the past and future you carry
voiced from the soles of shoes.

Make swift your pace now then.
You will remain a sojourner
to the end and never be wished
a peaceful rest
till your journey is done;
just like every other man

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greatnessWhen the night seems bleak
Stars cloaked in black
Like an aftermath of a dead moon
Shades of doom
Dancing in the wind like drapes

When the will for action turns weak
Everybody caught in some slack
The able suddenly acting a loon
Faces of gloom
Stretching from hinterlands to the capes

Then somewhere amidst this darkness I speak
Is born some legend already on track
And it is to be expected very soon
Awaiting to bloom
Victories and heroes in all luster and shapes

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At the heart of the songs
from the bellies of our motherspraying_woman
gentle to settle
spiced to soothe
peace prevails.

As the tears roll down
the familiar faithful face
and wishes are poured endlessly
from a desperate and anguish heart
possibilities flow along.

At the heart of the silent
supplications before the cross
at the stillness of the day
when all hell has broken loose;
so long as I know for sure
those relentless hands remains clutched
and the whispers flying off her lips
I am found by an unwavering faith
and I know I have won.

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Your memory has been cut
deep in the millionCredit: www.digitalhistory.uh.edu
hearts you seized;

And all the many hungry
eyes that pleaded
and you teased.

Maidens of the Saharan sun;
we who found ourselves everyday
lost in your wasteful imaginings
and undying craves and quests
only found our hearts in the end
in fire that still burns.

You are to us now the lesson
to know when to look away
and never love
till our hearts can promise us
a silent fellowship
and a short grief eventually.

Picture Credit: http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu

One Beggar

The African Canary

All the faces of passers-by;

The new fighting the old,

In your eyes and in your head,

Here on this faithful pavement,

Weathered from the beating of the sun and rain;

And the feet of the young and old

That stood and passed;

All you have seen from here.

And they leave like they come;

Passing…. Just passing.

You were here when the world moved on

When the road took our boys away

Returning them men unknown.

These things I still find remaining;

The scorching sun that tarry at noon

To mock the frowning passers-by,

And your consistent hungry look;

Your hand that stays all day

Fixed firmly forever in the air.

I still wonder, even now a man,

Have you not yet held that last coin

That would cause you to live

And walk on like all tired men do?

Have you not yet been found

By the everyday…

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